PitchPerfect Musical Instrument Tuner

PitchPerfect Musical Instrument Tuner 2.12

PitchPerfect Musical Instrument allows you to fine-tune several instruments
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PitchPerfect Musical Instrument allows you to fine-tune a variety of instruments. The application has an advanced recording engine that allows it to perfectly identify the frequency of sounds played to it. It accepts any input available, like a microphone or line-in audio. Basically, what a tuner does is detect a sound that is being played, determine its sound frequency and match that to a predefined standard for a particular note. Say, you want to tune your guitar to play an A note. If your guitar is off, you will see a red line next to the note A in the application's graphical user interface, telling you the frequency at which you are playing. By tuning your guitar, you can make it so that the sound you are playing matches the standard for A. But PitchPerfect supports more than 1 instrument; it supports Baritone Guitar, Base Guitar, Cello, Double Bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, Viola, and Violin. At the bottom part of the screen, you can click on whatever note you are trying to tune your guitar to (E, B, G, D, A, E). PitchPerfect works quite well by simply using the microphone audio input (playing to the microphone), but for better accuracy, you might want to use the line-in port. Also, there is a portable version for PocketPC.

José Fernández
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  • Support for several instruments
  • Free
  • Portable version for PocketPC available
  • Uses both mic-in and line-in


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